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A new revolutionary free PC executor has finally been released, that can bypass Byfron and allow users to exploit just like the good old days. Wave Executor was developed by the Arceus x and Codex developers and after countless miscalculated release dates, they have released their Executor Called Wave today (09/04/2024) at 12:37 am BST. Now the question is how reliable is Wave as an executor that can bypass Byfron? Well, only time will tell, we can only hope that it's not another Electron situation.

Where can you get this executor and how can you use it? Let's begin!

Step 1 - Download

Go to the website and click the "Download" button - Click Here

Step 2 - Antivirus

If you're getting flagged with the download by Windows Defender or any Antivirus software, turn them off for now. You are getting flagged because of the "False Positive" detection.

Step 3 - Extract

Extract the file to your Desktop or wherever you desire.

Step 4 - Open

Now open up Wave and whitelist your "Wave folder" on your Antivirus software and turn it back on.

Step 5 - Bloxstrap

If for whatever reason you can't execute you might need to get Bloxstrap - Use this Article to set it up.

Bonus Step

Use the "Execute" feature from by adding the "direct-execute-loader.txt" file we provide into the auto exec folder and you can execute any scripts on the website with a click of a button! For more indepth tutorial check out this Article.


If you have any problems and need support join the Wave Discord Server

YouTube Showcase : (Coming Soon)

You can always join our server aswell for support! - GE Community

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3 months ago

after some time it starts failing to attach




3 months ago

Wave didnt show up bro :(




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