Terms of Service

NOTE: These terms may change over time, and staff members have the discretion to take action based on their judgment and common sense. Users may be penalized for actions not explicitly listed here.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service govern the use of Getexploits website at getexploits.com. By accessing this site, you agree to abide by these terms. If you disagree, please refrain from using Getexploits.

Content Posting Guidelines

Prohibited Content: Posting scripts, comments, or reports with the intent to flood the website with fake or duplicated content is strictly prohibited.

Fake, Bait, and Spam: This includes posting scripts solely for game or Discord server promotion, scripts meant to cause harm, and reposting existing scripts excessively.

Perverted Exploiting

Inappropriate Content: Posting any content that is not suitable for all audiences, including NSFW scripts, images, messages, or any unsettling content, is against our rules."

CP: Joking or engaging in discussions related to traumatizing minors is strictly forbidden and will result in severe consequences."

Reposting and Credit

Attribution: If you didn't create the content you're uploading, proper credit to the original creators is required. Avoid mass uploading scripts not authored by you."

False Credits: Claiming ownership of content you did not create is not allowed and will result in action against the offending post."

Key System and Links

Key System Usage: If your script uses a key system, you must indicate it and provide a genuine key link. The key link should not be used for Discord server promotion."

Off-Site Links: Uploading off-site links in the script box is prohibited. The key system should not contain any downloads."


Fraudulent Activities: Engaging in any fraudulent activities, such as selling open-sourced code, exit scamming, or reclaiming paid items without permission, is strictly prohibited."

Malicious Content

Harmful Scripts: Posting scripts or content designed to harm users' devices or steal personal information is not allowed."

Data Collection: Any script that collects personally identifiable information must include a disclaimer in the post."

Hate Speech, Harassment, Extremism

Respectful Behavior: Avoid using hate speech, harassing others, or promoting extremism. Personal information of users should not be shared without consent."

Botting and Automation

Malicious Bots: Using bots or automation to harm the website is prohibited. Do not create fake accounts or engaging in harmful actions."

Ban Evasion

Alternative Accounts: Creating alternative accounts to evade punishments is not allowed and will result in further action."

Account Rules

Profile Picture: Users are not allowed to upload profile pictures that are inappropriate or contain NSFW content. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate deletion of the user's account."

Bio description: Users are not permitted to include advertisements or any inappropriate content in their bio."

Nicknames: User nicknames must not contain hate speech, racism, inappropriate language, or any offensive content."

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