How To Use Execute Feature on Getexploits has been a site created for the purpose of sharing scripts to users to enhance their roblox gameplay and with the recent rework of the entire website Getexploits has become the go to website for thousands of users! In this article you will be able to follow the guide and find out how to use the Execute feature within every script on this website.

Step 1 - Login

Register and Login to your Getexploits account.

Step 2 - Navigate

Go to any script and press the question mark icon on the "Execute" button.

Step 3 - Download

Click on the "Download" button.

Step 4 - Move .txt file

Navigate to the Auto Execute Folder of whichever executor you use and add the "direct-execute-loader.txt" file into the folder. Examples of executors you can use - Ro-execute (Paid) etc - Codex, Vega X, Delta, (Free) etc. (Ro-Execute will be used in these steps).

Step 5 - Execute

Open any game on roblox, select your scripts from and press the "Execute" button. 

Now you can execute any script from with a click of a button. Congrats!

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