How To Exploit For Free | 2024 Guide

As you all may know Roblox exploiting has taken a big hit since the introduction to Byfron, which is a anti-tamper solution that messed up everything for our fellow exploiters. However to bypass such actions by Roblox there is a new method created by exploit developers that allow users to exploit on emulators as Byfron hasn't been added to Roblox Mobile as of now.

So how can you do this? Follow these steps and begin your exploiting journey like the good old days.

Step 1 : Download 1

Download an Android Emulator - MuMuPlayer, LD Player, Bluestacks etc (MuMuPlayer will be used in these steps).

Step 2 : Download 2

Download an Android Executor APK - Delta, Codex, Vega X etc (Delta will be used in these steps).

Step 3 : Install

Add that APK into the Android Emulator.

Step 4 : Setting Up

Open up the new installed Roblox app, login, join a game of your choice and complete the key system for your chosen executor.

Step 5 : Execute Scripts

Paste in the key and begin exploiting with scripts from :)

Bonus Step

Use the "Execute" feature from by adding the "direct-execute-loader.txt" file we provide into the auto execute folder inside the emulator and you can execute any script on the website with a click of a button! 

Check Out

For more information about the Execute Feature on check out this article : Click Here

YouTube Showcase : Click Here

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