Wave Executor is Detected and Malware?

If you read our last article then you would know a brand new executor has been released in the Roblox Exploiting scene but now there are heavy speculations about it being a key logger/rat and even potentially being detected by Byfron which can lead to many problems for people that used Wave. In this article whatever is mentioned will be sourced at the bottom of the article and we cannot confirm that everything is true as we won't know until Roblox takes action.

Wave is detected?

A highly reputable user from v3rm named gogo1000 has come out with a recent thread suggesting that Wave is completely detected by Byfron and there will be a ban wave for all users of Wave to come. Here are snippets of key factors said in the thread. 

Video proof of detection - Click Here

In simple terms, gogo1000 explains that Wave has triggered most of the internal detection with Byfron and that we should be expecting a ban wave very soon (no pun intended).

What to Expect?

Of course, the main factor to expect is a ban wave but how severe will it be? Well, we can expect Roblox to go through their banning system which is unknown as people have reported they have had warnings, 14-day bans, perm bans straight away, and things like that so it is really up to Roblox. HWID bans might be in place as well which means Roblox can find all your alts you have logged into your PC and ban them as well even if you didn't use those accounts to exploit. 

What was the Wave developer's response?

One of the developers on the Wave team came out and said they deny the detection and will be investigating this matter.

Is Wave a rat or key logger?

There hasn't been any news regarding it being a malware/rat or even a key logger however there has been a screenshot of the Wave devs circulating which caused a lot of concerns among people

The Developer has now announced in the Wave Discord Server that this DM screenshot is fake and denies all the rumors.

What is next for wave?

Moving forward all we can do is wait and see what happens and hope that Wave can fix their exploit from all the detection proof we have seen from gogo1000.

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Source - Click Here

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