Krampus/Ro-Exec Discontinued! | Exploit Was A Virus?

Krampus is a Roblox Executor who came into the exploiting scene with big prospects to be the best solution for a Byfron Bypass, however, due to the recent ban wave it is known in the community that Krampus has been detected and got a lot of users banned from Roblox. This was not a good look for Krampus as they were advertised to be undetected and so overpriced that we believed it was true. People started speculating that the reason it was detected was because of a memory leak and soon found out that Krampus had a lot of security issues that Roblox could use.

It was announced on the Krampus Discord Server that they are discontinued here is a screenshot

Soon After the announcement, individuals were suggesting that Krampus was a rat/logger and this made a lot of people worried, if you're one of the people worried please follow this step-by-step guide on how to remove potential rats you have on your PC.

Step 1 - Malwarebytes

Install Malwarebytes and run an advanced scan for all your files. Once completed quarantine and remove everything flagged.

Step 2 - Kaspersky

Install Kaspersky and change parameters to all volumes and start scan. Once completed remove anything that shows up.

Step 3 - Comand Promt

Now open Comand Prompt as "Run as administrator" and type in this command "sfc /scannow" and clear anything that comes up.

Step 4 - Discord

Go to settings on discord and go to Authorized Apps and deauthorize ""

Now simply just restart your PC and Change all the passwords used to login to important sites on your PC.

Thank you for reading stay tuned for the next Executor, Hopefully it wont turn out like Krampus...

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